Birmingham Civil Rights Movement

Birmingham, Alabama

Your students could spend a lifetime in Alabama studying the Civil Rights Movement; however, in this day trip to Birmingham, they are sure to experience enough of the historic time-period to deepen their understanding of both the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the bigger fight for the fundamental rights of all human beings.  

Historic Kelly Ingram Park

Your day will begin as you arrive in Birmingham and enjoy a picnic lunch in historic Kelly Ingram Park.  Strategically located just outside of 16th Street Baptist Church, this park served as a staging ground for demonstrations throughout the Civil Rights Movement. 

Civil Rights Institute

Following lunch, your students will walk to the Civil Rights Institute, where they will take a self-guided tour.  Here, they will be led through a self-exploration of the time-period and the struggle for equality.  Following their tour, they will depart and walk to the iconic 16th Street Baptist Church.   This church, because of its location and history as the first Black Church of Birmingham, served as a central figure in the fight for Civil Rights. 

16th Street Baptist Church

Here, your students will hear the stories of protests, demonstrations, and the lesser known heroes who sacrificed to ensure future generations would be given a better opportunity for equality.  Following your tour of the church, you can choose to return to school, or add a party, at Dave and Buster's Birmingham, to your trip.

Dave and Buster's

Your day will end as your students celebrate the end of the trip at Dave and Buster’s (this is a great add on as an end-of-the-year celebration).  They will be given a $20 game card to utilize and will have the chance to play unlimited video games before enjoying a dinner buffet.  This is an experience your students will surely remember!