Fight For Your Rights!

Atlanta's role in the fight for human rights

This day trip to Atlanta is great for anyone studying about the fight for Human rights.  Whether a 5th grade class studying American History, a 6th grade class discovering Europe's continental struggle for equality during WWII, or an 8th grade group connecting Georgia's role in major Civil Rights Movements, this is a day trip that will help your students better understand the fight for all Mankind.  

Bremen Jewish Heritage Center:

During this docent-led tour, your students will be taken through Europe during the hostility that led to WWII, and will see how America’s involvement in WWII shifted the power on the world stage.  This tour will cover the German aggression following WWI, European challenges and WWII, and changes in America following our involvement in the War.   Whether you are studying US History (5th grade), European History (6th grade), or Georgia Studies (8th grade), this walk through time is both relevant and deeply probing.  Following the tour, students will hear powerful testimony from one of the area’s Holocaust survivors.


Following your tour at Bremen Jewish Heritage Center, your students will travel to lunch.  We recommend a picnic (Chick-Fil-A or Firehouse Subs are great options) for elementary school students, while middle school students may enjoy eating at Atlanta's famed Varsity restaurant.  For an additional charge, we can even take smaller groups to The Hard Rock Cafe.  

Center For Civil and Human Rights:

After lunch of your choice, your students take a fully self-guided tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  Here, your students will explore the fundamental rights of all human beings.  They will bear witness to exhibits that provide a feeling of empowerment in the universal fight for Human Rights.  This is a highly diverse center, with various stations that individually focus on different elements of the Human Race's struggle for equality.  Though your students could spend all day here, we suggest you leave 90 minutes for this portion of the tour.